Partnership Procedures & Guidelines

To distribute funds, H2HF works in close partnership with community organizations and relies on partners’ expertise to identify the specific needs of their clients. H2HF does not work directly with individuals experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness.

H2HF has established two tiers for agency funding eligibility:
• Tier I agencies are higher-capacity agencies that have established intake processes (using HMIS and/or Charity Tracker) and have at least one (1) year of experience providing quality case management to homeless clients. Quality case management is defined as case management that connects individuals with available and appropriate services; and has formal procedures for following up with clients. Tier I agencies are eligible to submit funding requests for all 4 primary funding categories.
• Tier II agencies actively work with eligible individuals but do not have established intake processes and don’t offer ongoing case management. They are only eligible to request reimbursement for emergency transportation assistance.

To enter into partnership with H2HF, community organizations must first complete the following steps:
• Interview/Orientation
• Provide an overview of H2HF and how it works
• Determine capacity of organization and Tier I or Tier II eligibility
• Sign an MOU with H2HF (New! Will be added in the coming weeks)
• Funding Request Form Training

Organizations interested in becoming H2HF partners should email or call (843) 302-8484